Computer Services

Experienced computer service technicians on staff to help with your computer services needs. Serving Kitsap County for Over 15 Years!

Basic Computer Services:

Basic Install (Includes installation of any cards, drivers or software)

Desktop Diagnostics (Diagnosis of any hardware issues, and 1 complimentary Virus Check)

Laptop Diagnostics (Diagnosis of any hardware issues,. and 1 complimentary Virus Check)

Virus and Malware Removal Service (Triple scan of 3 leading antivuris programs and 3 malware removal programs)

Data Transfer/backup

Desktop Operating System Reload

Laptop Operating System Reload

Desktop Rebuild


Specialized Repair Services

Laptop AC Jack Repair

Laptop Screen Replacement

Phone/Tablet Screen Replacement

Phone/Tablet/Gaming Console Repair


Other Computer Services:

Priority Service(Service started same day as it is checked in)

On-Site Services (Technical computer help at site of home or business)